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The Pioneer of Special Steel Pipe Market

Product Information

Based on our long experience to manufacture steel pipe roll forming and the outstanding technology for roll design, we founded a steel pipe manufacturing company in 2005, and became a material pipe specialty company.
With optimal molding technology and ERW(Electric Resistance Welding) method, the pipe with outside diameter less than 114.3mm.
1) We replaced seamless steel pipes with high strength, extremely thick(up to T/OD=25%, Sch.240) ERW steel pipes. 
2) Eddy Current Testing (ECT), non-destructive testing, guarantees weldability  > API J-55 
3) The pipe with inside diameter of more than 15mm and with its internal bead removed  > Automobile parts, Solid-drawn pipes, having strength for the products that require precision measurement.
The Application of the Products of MS PIPE

1) In particular, due to the weight reduction of the materials (steel bar) for automobiles, we are manufacturing and supplying hollow steel pipes.
- Steering Shaft, Rack Bar, Tie Rod, Axle Housing, Door Impact Beam, Propeller Shaft, Cam Shaft, Suspension Link, etc.
2) Hydraulic machine, Machine parts
- Cylinder Rod, Bush, Roll, etc.
3) Electric, Electronic goods (mainly by applying Cold Rolled Coil)
- Comp case of Air Conditioner, Accumulator, etc.
Demanding Sites and Distribution Flow

1) After second processing by a company of drawing, or a processing company, the products ard delivered to automobile companies, and electronic company.

2) We have the capacity of designing and manufacturing to meet the diverse requirements of the demanding sites(outside diameter/shape/thickness/cost down).
Ways to Receive Orders

Adoption of mass customization method (Steel type, thickness and application is considered in the design work to meet the customer's requirements)
Product Ranges

1) Outer Diameter
- Ø27.2 ~ Ø114.3
2) Steel Type
- HR, PO, CR
3) Material
- STKM11A ~ STKM20A, SAE1008 ~ SAE1050, SAE15B36, STK290 ~ STK590, SPHT1 ~ SPHT4, S5C ~ S50C, SCM 415 ~ SCM440
4) Thickness
- 2.0mm ~ 11.0mm